Control Your Chronic Pain & Reclaim Your Life

pacing for chronic pain

  • Do you suffer with chronic pain?
  • Are you limited in your activities?
  • Do you push yourself hard and make your pain worse?
  • Are you doing less and less with time?
  • Would you like to do something about it??

If so then Pacing For Pain is for you! It explains the differences between acute and chronic pain, the overactivity cycle and goes into detail about pacing as a way of reducing your pain and improving your ability to do things.

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About The Author of Pacing For Pain

My name’s Jonathan and I’ve been a physiotherapist since 1982. I’ve always been interested in pain, joint replacement and rehabilitation and now I’m semi-retired I can spend more time writing on these subjects.

I heard hundreds and hundreds of “pain stories” told to me by patients when I worked for over 10 years for a pain management team. Always interesting, these stories began to sort themselves out in my mind and patterns started to emerge. We saw the same patterns of activity repeated over and over again, often with unhelpful consequences.

It was when I was talking to a man who couldn’t run the marathon any more because of his back pain that the idea crystallised in my mind. This information could be useful to loads of people! We had been teaching pacing to patients for years but there was nothing good written about it.

I wrote Pacing For Pain for people with chronic pain problems who have difficulty managing their activity – they either do way to much (more common) or too little (less common). Either way there are consequences which can be avoided by becoming skilled at pacing.

Buy Pacing for Pain NOW from Smashwords!. Available in all major ebook formats.